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Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2

Introduction and rules

Zombotron 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of Zombotron game series and is available to play online! Listen man! Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming! What? Zombotron 2 is available for playing online anywhere you want? No way! That awesome zombie shooter is back with second part and unblocked version baby! I still can’t believe it! Oh yes man! Fans of the series I salute you sir! The day has come! You can play this delicious game on our website non-stop! If you are not fan of the series let me tell you something. No, don’t worry. I won’t be rude. I will just introduce you to this game. Zombotron 2 Unblocked as we already said is zombie shooter game. You can compare it to other zombie shooter games and there are tons of them out there online. Best example I would say is zombie at the gates.


Oh my gosh man! I still can’t believe how good this game is! No really, have you seen the graphics? OMG! Can you believe that it’s flash game? That awesome graphics in flash game man! And you are able to play it in your browser! Hands down, Zombotron 2 is one of the best if not the best zombie shooter flash game man! You got awesome graphics, awesome sound design, awesome effects and awesome story too! And you also got new weapons, new enemies, new animations and tons of new stuff to discover! We also get 16 new levels to play through.

Game modes

This game is so awesome that it does not even require to have other modes than Single-Player man. Single-Player mode is what makes this game beautiful man.

How to play Zombotron 2 Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use W Key to jump!
  • Click A Key to move left.
  • Use D Key to move right.
  • Click S Key to move down.
  • Use your lovely Mouse to aim and shoot boy!
  • Click E Key for action!
  • Use R Key to reload the gun.
  • Click Q Key to switch between the weapons.
  • Use H Key to use first aid kit.
  • Click Space Bar to respawn.
  • Use P Key to pause.
  • Click M Key to turn sound and music on or off. 

Tips and Tricks:

Hmm, who we got here? Rugged up, zombie soldier. Good to see you again. It’s getting crazier out there these days, isn’t it? I feel you mate. One day you are out, walking in park with your family, other day you are out and killing zombies. Thing is that we are mans, and man do not bitch about their fate. They punch the fate in the face and it’s what you are going to do using tips:

  • Choose your weapons wisely. Yes, some players do not notice that certain guns work better with certain zombies and other creatures. Try different guns and find what works best.
  • Be aware of spiders! No kidding man, difficulty has increased in this game and spiders are worst thing to fight against.