Zombocalypse Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Introduction and rules

Zombocalypse unblocked is the unblocked version of Zombocalypse games and is available to play online! Yeah boy! This another awesome zombie game has arrived on our website and it is unblocked! You know what this game is about! Come on man. I am not just saying that this is awesome game. It is verified that this is awesome game by awards! I know there are still some noobs out there. and this time I have some game offer. Weird thing is that it is Zombocalypse 2 which is available on our website! I know second part of this game is already here! so go and check that out.


Zombocalypse unblocked is awesome 2D platform zombie game. this game has really good graphics and sound design. Also combat system is pretty impressive. You are also able to call in the air support after you get certain point of scores. And yes, your goal here is to kill the army of dead!

Game modes

Zombocalypse unblocked is the Single-Player game. We only have single-player campaign mode here. So yeah, do not expect anything more than that here. I am saying that because some of you might think that you can play it with your friends. Nope. You can play it only in one player mode.

How to play Zombocalypse Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Upper Arrow key – in order to call the air support!
  • Down Arrow key – in order to pick up a crate or hold it to drop the weapon
  • Left arrow key – in order to move left
  • Right arrow key – in order to move right
  • Space Bar key – in order to use your awesome weapon

Tips and Tricks:

Another survivor of zombie apocalypse. Well hello there! how are you doing my friend? I guess not very good, right? I mean who would do good in the zombie world. And to be honest no sane person will do good when there are zombie’s out there. You are waiting for some tips from me, right? I have them. Here they are:

  • You want to gain awesome kill streaks? Let the zombies hit the floor! Sorry, just had to make that reference to that song. I mean let the zombies pile up! Stick to the one side and zombies will pile up on another.
  • Do not underestimate machete! I don’t mean that guy from movies I mean sword you have in game. I know pistols and guns are fun, but they need ammo! Machete does not! Believe me, there will be times when this sword is going to save your life!