Zombie Situation Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Zombie Situation

Zombie Situation

Introduction and rules

Zombie situation unblocked is the unblocked version of Zombie situation game and is available to play online! You are going to say that you don’t know this game too? Come on man! it Is one of the best flash zombie games dude! Do not try to fool me! If you are zombie game fan like me you have to know this one. but if you are noob, I am sorry. I will explain to you what this game is about. It is about zombies! Did not expected that, right? all right, jokes aside this game is really similar to games like Zombocalypse 2 and Zombotron 2. And good thing is that both of them are available on our website!


Zombie situation looks like regular zombie shooter game but it is not. I mean you face army of dead and shoot zombie ass. But how you do this is very different in this one! you are going up and down and cool thing is that you are wearing shades while doing it! Also, I want to notice that this game has really good graphics and sound design. Character and zombies look very good too!

Game modes

Zombie Situation unblocked is the Single-Player game. sorry bros. you won’t be able to play it with your mates. We only have one and cool single-player campaign here. but it is fun and cool so enjoy!

How to play Zombie situation Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Upper Arrow key – in order to move up
  • Down Arrow key – in order to move down
  • Space Bar key – in order to fire the weapon

Tips and Tricks:

Hello weird dude. Wearing shades while zombie attack? Want to look cool, right? listen bro, I do not want to offend you or anything but there are no ladies here to impress. Unless you are trying to impress zombie ladies. I mean if you are into that it, good for you. Still weird choice though. All right, I guess you still need some tips. And not tips about how to wear shades. Do not worry. We will help with that. here are some tips:

  • First of all, work around with the aim. It might be tricky sometimes to shoot the zombies and that is most important thing in any zombie situation.
  • Second of all, learn your enemies. You know there are different types of zombies. You have heard that in the movies too. So, learn how zombies behave. It will help you to fight against them.