Zombie Killer Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer

Introduction and rules

Zombie Killer unblocked is the unblocked version Zombie Killer game and is available to play online! Now this one is really cool zombie game. and yes, it is available on our website in the unblocked version. And you know what that means! Means you can play it at school, at work, at library and while killing zombies! Well you might be a little busy to play this game while killing the zombies but still. You can at least try it! For noobs I will say that this game is somewhat similar to the Zombie Situation unblocked game. and that one is available on our website so you can go and check that out!


Zombie Killer unblocked is another great zombie game. it is little different though. You are not going to hunt on zombies, you are going to stand your ground now! You are playing in 2D platform as meme warrior! And your goal is to stand against the army of dead and not let them to break through the walls!

Game modes

Zombie killer unblocked is the Single-Player game. yes, you are not going to face any fancy modes here. we only have brutal standalone one player campaign here. so, if you want to play it with your friends, sorry this game is not for you. But if you want to have fun by yourself expect beating your meat, go ahead and play this awesome game!

How to play Zombie Killer Unblocked?

Game controls: Now this time we do not have some complicated controls. This time you will only need one and only controller and that is Mouse. Yes no, gamepad no clicks on the keyboard, just good old friend mousy mouse.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello there, killer! I have one question to ask. Are you like mercenary? Or do you just hate zombies and kill them because of that? Oh, I got it you do it because you want to survive and also hate zombies. Anyway, you are here for tips, and I am about to give you some tips. Here they are:

  • In this game you are not going to have complicated controls and that is for a reason. You will have to focus on army of dead! And I mean it may seem like easy ride for first few zombies. But after that trust me, they will rush on you like Lamborghini!
  • We said that they will rush fast, ok? So, in order to keep yourself safe, make sure that they do not break walls. Sometimes, killing all of the zombies is not as important as keeping the walls safe!