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Worlds Hardest Game

Worlds Hardest Game

Introduction and rules

Worlds Hardest Game Unblocked is the unblocked version of Worlds Hardest Game and is available to play online! Not excited? Meh. Whatever. I know I am. What? You never heard of that legendary hard game? Some even consider this game to be harder than Dark Souls and Darkest Dungeon. No, I am not kidding. Although, I think that this game deserves more respect. Why? Because it was made way before Dark souls. Yes, it was original Dark souls at least for me. Old lads like me will remember. Okay, don’t worry. I will explain what this game is about. So, you already guessed that this game is really hard. Congrats! It is really hard! But do you know what is the fun thing? It Is that, you play as a red cube here and you have to go through moving blue dots. That sounds really easy right? Wrong!


Let’s continue here. So, you might be thinking. What could be so hard about getting through blue dots as a red cube, right? Ho, Ho, ho! My friends you are really mistaken. Just try out first level of this game. Even better, just the first step of this game. You are already mad, am I right? Guess what. If you will finally manage to get through that hard as hell first level. You will face many levels even harder than that. So good luck beating this game bro! And also, why do you think this game was called Worlds Hardest Game? I mean yeah, its intriguing and makes you want to try it out. But it also really is hard as hell man! Good luck with using your brains pal.

Game Modes

Single-Player man. We only have single-player here. But you may already have guessed that there is no need for other modes here. Good luck with beating that single-player mode in first place bro.

How to play Worlds Hardest Game Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow key or W Key to move up.
  • Click Right Arrow key or R Key to move right.
  • Use Left Arrow key or A Key to move left.
  • Click Down Arrow key or S Key to move down. 

Tips and Tricks:

Pathetic! Filthy casuals! If you are not ready to play this game, then do not play it! All right, all right. Stop crying like a bitch. Seriously though, there are some tips, but not that much.

  • Take your time player! We mean it! This game is not easy to beat and it is not easy if you rush! So, take your time.
  • Practice makes perfect. By practicing we mean that you must also learn how to move your cube.
  • Get comfy! After mastering how your cube moves you will be able to get comfortable and move around freely, but remember this game is really hard so you still won’t be able to rush.
  • Do not play this game if you get angry quick! We don’t want you to end up with broken keyboard or monitor. Please do not play this game. Because you are going to die, a lot.