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Introduction and rules

Vex Unblocked is the unblocked version of Vex game series franchise and is available to play online! Yes baby! You can play it anywhere you want! You can finally play it at school and at work too! Even library man! You can play it at library dude! I know it sounds exciting and awesome already! Well vex fans it is true. Your dream game is available to play anywhere. For those who are new to this awesome game, let me be your guide. Okay so, you know the Mario games, right? Come on there are plenty of them on our website too. Anyway, I know that you know Mario games. So, now, just imagine that Mario would be replaced with stickman! Well yeah, that’s not all about this game. By that I mean they are both 2D platformers and you are running on the walls.


All right, we got some idea about this game. Let’s dive deep. Vex Unblocked as we already said is 2D platformer game. And in some ways, it really is similar to Mario. But unlike Mario we don’t really have enemies and big bosses to fight. Instead we just have traps and traps everywhere and levels to beat. Yes, our main goal here is to beat the level without falling into traps. Also, good thing about this game is that you can finally use your brain! Well not that much of your brain but still. Figuring out how to get over some traps, will require you to finally use that mass in your head for a little bit at least. So, have fun!

Game Modes

Single-Player man. We only have single-player here. But you know what? There are two modes too choose from. We have Default Mode and Builder Mode. As you already may have guessed Default Mode is our basic storyline mode where you just beat the given levels. In Builder Mode though, you create the levels you want to beat! Sounds awesome right? Well it is! You can adjust levels as you want man.

How to play Vex Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow key or W Key to jump.
  • Click Right Arrow key or R Key to move right.
  • Use Left Arrow key or A Key to move left.
  • Click Down Arrow key or S Key to move down/slide.

Tips and Tricks:

Looking for tips is stickman game bro? Really? What are you 5? Ok, ok. Before you start throwing bananas at me, check this, tips out. If you won’t like them, you can go ahead and throw as much bananas at me as you want.

  • Do not trust the surroundings! Yes, we mean it! Everything is a trap in this game and try to play as carefully as you can.
  • Want to climb on the walls? Parkour! It’s just like in that French movie 13th You jump from side to side bro! Parkour!
  • You want to jump higher? Tap that jump button twice! Even higher? Jump on orange blocks dude!
  • Don’t know how to get down from the blocks? You can slide down from the edge bro!
  • Don’t know how to slide through the low walls? Run and press down arrow bro!