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Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario

Introduction and rules

Okay so I bet you have heard of Mario. Even if you are young player, I bet you have heard about Smash Bros with Mario. Come on you have never heard of legendary Italian plumber? Well that’s for me means that your childhood was sad. Everyone and I mean everyone who at least had Nintendo at home, know this legendary game.


Well, if you happen to be the unique snowflake who does not know anything about Mario, it will be my pleasure to guide you through. First of all, I just want to ask, how in the hell do you not know it? Like, are you Alien? Or, have you been in coma for your whole life? Okay, excuse me. Let’s continue.  Mario game is pretty simple, you just need to go through some levels, which mostly are full of weird monsters and obstacles and have to rescue your beloved Princess. And oh yeah, you have to beat some ugly ass dragon before that. It might sound not so exciting in the beginning, but trust me it’s fun.

Unfair Mario

Okay now let’s move to our game Unfair Mario. Heh, you know the games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon? I mean the games which are made strictly for masochists? I know that you know that games and I even bet that you have tried one of those. So, now imagine that our beloved kids game Mario, become brutal. Yep, I am not kidding with you. This game is that unforgiving. And also, why do you think this game is called Unfair Mario? Because it is unfair! I mean try just to jump, good look with that! I almost smashed my keyboard in the screen! Aghh! Okay, excuse me again. Well this game is really freaking hard.  So, if you are here for the easy run, well you are in the wrong place. But, if you love to be challenged, then be my guest.

How to play Unfair Mario?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow key to jump.
  • Use Right Arrow key to move right.
  • Left Arrow key to move left.

Tips and Tricks:

Do not trust the surroundings! Yes, we mean it! Everything is a trap in this game and try to play as carefully as you can. That’s the best tip we can give you. Other than that, good look with staying alive.