The last stand 2 Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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The last stand 2

The last stand 2

Introduction and rules

The last stand 2 unblocked is the unblocked version of the last stand game series and is available to play online! So, you know this game, right? I know that you know this game. there is no chance you don’t know this awesome game! come on man, Markiplier himself has played this awesome zombie game! don’t trust me? Go and check on Youtube! Ah, noobs again. Listen guys we do have similar games to this on our website. For example, Zombie Killer unblocked and Zombie Situation unblocked so go and check them out. If you like that games you will definitely love this one. because it is even better than those!


I know that there must be fans of this game. I just know man! and for you guys I will tell that the last stand 2 unblocked is better in every way! I mean come on. Just have a look. Graphics look really amazing and you can’t say that they don’t. specially for the flash game man. we also have new awesome level design and cool sound effects. Weapons look good and amazing too. And of course our army of dead has improved too!

Game modes

The last stand 2 Unblocked is the single-player game bros. we do not have additional modes here, but game is really huge. So, I think that you will not get bored with this one. Enjoy!

How to play The last stand 2 Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • W key or Upper Arrow key – in order to move up
  • S key or Down Arrow key – in order to move down/ crouch
  • D key or Right arrow key – in order to move right
  • A key or Left arrow key – in order to move left
  • R key – in order to reload the weapon
  • Left Mouse Click key – in order to fire the weapon and aim
  • Space Bar key – in order to switch the weapons

Tips and Tricks:

I see another pal needs help with zombies. I am really starting to think that we have zombie invasion of some kind. I mean I have already guided so many guys for zombie attacks. Well, sorry. I don’t mean anything bad. Fighting zombies is not easy and I understand that you also need some help. Do not worry, we are here for that. here are some tips bro:

  • You know that there are different kinds of zombie in this game. and the ones I hate most are the runners. So, try to take them out first.
  • Walkers are easy pal. So do not waste your time on them. Also, survivors are going to help you with that. well at least in my case they killed half of the walkers for me.
  • Choose the good time to reload. From my experience reloading after runner rush is the best.