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The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac

Introduction and rules

The binding of Isaac unblocked is flash version of original game and allows players to have full game experience. If you are not familiar with original game, well buckle up for little story ride! Story of this game is one of the most messed up ones though. As you already may have guessed you are playing as character called Isaac who is living with his mother. Mother to say so, “Loves the God” too much and is obsessed with all religious shows on TV. Isaac was living happily with her mother. But, unfortunately one day her Mother “hears the voice of God” which says that Isaac has been corrupted.  She realizes that sacrifice must be done. Isaac sees that her mother went nuts and luckily finds trapdoor to escape into basement, but little did he knew that real challenges where just about to begin.

How to play The Binding of Isaac unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use WASD keys to control your character.
  • Use Arrow keys for attack. Hold on Arrow keys for rapid attack.
  • Use Space bar to use/activate item.
  • E or SHIFT key to drop the bomb.
  • Q to use pill/card.

Tips and Tricks:

Firing and moving in opposite direction will slow your tears down. Doing this in same direction speeds your tears up. Your tears retain the velocity you had at the time of firing. Learn your enemies! All enemies have some patterns of attacks, learning it will make it easier to dodge them. When fighting with bosses remember to always move! They also have some attack patterns. But they change after they lose some health. So, always run around them and keep an eye on their attacks. And last but not least, observe! Observe every level, because this game is full of secret levels where you might be able to find powerups, money, hidden enemies and etc.