Tetris Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Introduction and rules

Tetris Unblocked is the unblocked version of Tetris game and is available to play online! Yeah boy! Old school Tetris game is back baby! Unblocked version makes it even better because you can play it anywhere you want my man! Tetris lovers, from now on you can have fun all day long! Happy for you guys. I don’t even want to think about that there is someone who does not know what Tetris is. I am not going to believe it and stop making me to believe it. Of course, you might be 1 – day kid who just got out of his mother’s womb, but still man! Ask your doctor about this game and I guarantee you that even he or she will tell you about this game.  And if you are lazy and want to know what Tetris is, just google it!


Hmm, you know what? There are no games like Tetris. Well technically speaking there are. We have games like Dr. Mario, Columns, Block Puzzle Jewel and etc. But thing is that Tetris is their grand master! This game was made in 1984 man. There was no game like this back in that days. Of course, we had puzzle games, but no game like Tetris. It’s really unique game, because it can be played by anyone. You can say that this game is easy and hard to play at the same time. And that diversity is what makes Tetris awesome and beloved by many generations.

Game modes

Let’s say this, this is one of the oldest games. Single-Player is the only mode here and it’s no surprise. But no one is complaining because of it. And they can’t complain really because Tetris is awesome because it’s Tetris!

How to play Tetris Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow Key to turn the figure.
  • Click Right Arrow Key to move figure right.
  • Use Left Arrow Key to move figure left.
  • Click Down Arrow Key to move figure down.

Tips and Tricks:

Hey kid, want to know how to place boxes the right way? Hmm, that must be easy right? Well seems like its not! Seriously though, you would think that Tetris is easy game. You are placing boxes on boxes what can be hard in that? Well turns out you have to use your brains even for that. Here are some tips to help you and your brain mate:

  • Pressing Right, Left or Down Arrow Keys twice will make blocks move faster.
  • Use turning the figure wisely. It’s real pro tip, turning figures can help you save the situation.
  • Think ahead! Figure which is going to come next is displayed on the screen so you can think ahead.