Tank Trouble Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble

Introduction and rules

Tank trouble unblocked is the unblocked version on Tank trouble game and is available for playing online in your browser. Unblocked version also gives you opportunity to play it at school or at work, where mostly all games are blocked. If you are not familiar with Tank trouble game, we will get you covered. Tank trouble is what it sounds it is. It’s a tank game where you control tank and shoot other tanks. Sounds simple right? But actual game is not that simple. First of all NPC’s in this game are pretty damn smart and second of all you must avoid bullets and that may also be tricky sometimes.

Game Modes

Game also has 3 modes to choose from. You are able to play Single Player where you fight against NPC which as we already mentioned is not that easy to defeat. You can play 2 player mode and fight against your friend. Also, you can play 3 player mode and add your other friend to the game. So, if you are a tank guy and love tank games you must definitely give this one a chance. We are not claiming that this is the best tank game ever made but hey, it’s in your browser and it’s free so why not give it a shot right?

How to play Tank trouble unblocked?

Game controls:

Player 1

  • Use E, S, D, F keys to move the tank and Q key to shoot.

Player 2

  • Use Arrow keys to move the tank and M key to shoot.

Player 3

  • Mouse to move the tank and left mouse click to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

Levels in this game are like mazes so remember that, then someone shoots a bullet it may bounce back from the wall. Keep that in mind to avoid bullets and not get killed. If you kill the enemy tank the bullet still may kill you as well. So, don’t celebrate before head and avoid all the bullets till the end of the game. Also remember to pick up the special bullets as soon as they appear so that you will gain advantage over your enemies. Also, keep in mind that even your bullet may kill you if it bounces back to you. So, choose the right direction to shoot, or else you will end up killing yourself.