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Introduction and rules

SuperFighters Unblocked is the unblocked version of SuperFighters game and is available to play online! I know this game is not widely popular, but to be honest it should be. Specially if you are a fan of retro games, you are going to love this one too. This is unblocked version so you can play it anywhere you want too. You can play it at school, at work and at library too! Well in order to explain this game to you guys, I will compare It to the old and golden Contra games. Yes, that awesome game you used to play on Nintendo and Dendi consoles. You can also compare it to Metal Slug in some ways. Bu, this game is different with its style. Here, you are not playing as army soldier. You are just regular dude roaming on the streets.


So, you might already have guessed that, this is 2D game. It keeps traditions and games like this used to be 2D back in the days. But it’s simple design and graphics make it more awesome. Goal in this game is simple too. You just have to beat and take out every enemy on your way. To do that, you have your fists and also some variety of guns and grenades. And good thing is that you can play this game with your friend!

Game modes

The game is Single-Player but it does have some modes to play around with. First of all, we have our classic 1 Player mode. Where you take adventure on your own.  But even here you can choose from VS mode and Campaign mode. After that we have 2 Player mode. Yep that’s right, you can play this game with your friend. And you can choose to play against him in VS mode. Or to play with him against computer in Campaign mode. We also have Tutorial, which I highly suggest you to play before you get into the game.

How to play SuperFighters Unblocked?

Game controls For Player 1:

  • For moving Up/Jumping – Up Arrow key.
  • In order to move Left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving Down/Crouch – Down Arrow Key.
  • In order to move Right – Right Arrow Key.
  • For melee attacks – N Key.
  • In order to shoot – M Key.
  • For using grenade – , Key.
  • In order to use Powerup – . Key.

Game controls For Player 2:

  • For moving Up/Jumping – W
  • In order to move Left – A Key.
  • For moving Down/Crouch – S Key.
  • In order to move Right – D Key.
  • For melee attacks – 1 Key.
  • In order to shoot – 2 Key.
  • For using grenade – 3 Key.
  • In order to use Powerup – 4 Key.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello brother. Need some help on how to stay alive on the streets? All right, you need tips for game so here they are:

  • You see the boxes over there? What do you think they are for? That’s right take cover boy. And the good thing is that you can still shoot your guns and throw grenades at your enemies while you are taking cover.
  • You know what they say? Best defense is to attack first? Well that’s right for this game. Going close to your enemies will save your life sometimes.
  • While you are in bullet power up mode you are faster than everyone. Use that momentum to take out your enemies.
  • You know when you are under fire, rolling on the ground saves you from getting shot. Well that thing works in this game too mate.