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Super mario bros crossover

Super mario bros crossover

Introduction and rules

Super Mario Bros Crossover Unblocked is the unblocked version of Super Mario Bros Crossover game and is available to play online! Today is a good day! Why is it a good day? Because another great Mario game has arrived on our website in the unblocked version! And you guys know that we love Mario games! I mean come on, who does not love Mario? If you do not love Mario games there is something wrong with you man! As we already mentioned this game is unblocked, so you can play it anywhere you want dudes and girls!


All right, now this game is little different from other Mario games. And title of this game tells that too! We still have our beloved Mario world to play through, but we have some new additions and features too. In Super Mario Bros. Crossover Unblocked you are going to play not only as Mario, but as 5 other characters too! Including Link from Zelda, Bill R from Contra and other awesome dudes! Cool thing is that all of them have their special abilities and powers and their campaign are different. So, in this game you will have lot to explore.

Game modes

Mario Bros Crossover Unblocked is Single-Player game. I know some Mario games do have two-player modes and some of them even have multiplayer, but this is not the case for us. But we do have some different Campaigns, so you will be able to choose from them! We have our regular Mario campaign, Link campaign, Bill R campaign, Simon campaign, Mega Man campaign and Samus campaign. Guess you already understand that there are tons of things to do in this game!

How to play Super Mario Bros Crossover Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For going up – Up Arrow key.
  • In order to move left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving right – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to go down – Down Arrow key.
  • For jumping – Z Key.
  • In order to attack – X Key.
  • For special move – S Key.
  • In order to pause – 1 Key.

You are also able to change the keys from the menu.

Game does suggest that it is better to play it on Gamepad, but if you don’t have one do not worry. You will be able to play it as good on keyboard as on Gamepad. Well at least from my experience it works.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello there Mario, Link, Bill R, Simon, Mega Man and Samus! You guys all need some advices and tips, right? I will be honest and say that I really did not expected other guys in Mario world, but here they are. All right, enough talking let’s go to some tips:

  • Well, nothing beats classic. And if you do remember classic you remember that Mario games always have some secret locations and features. We have them in this game too. So, look after them carefully. Do not miss any block and bump them with your head just in case. There might be some hidden secrets and rewards. Same applies to the green tubes. Check all them by squatting down.
  • You know what classic feature this game also has? Shrooms! Yes, you can grow your character by eating mushrooms and that applies for not only Mario but for all of them!