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Super house of dead ninjas

Super house of dead ninjas

Introduction and rules

Super House of Dead Ninjas Unblocked is the unblocked version of Super House of Dead Ninjas game and is available to play online! Hooray! This awesome game is finally here with its unblocked version and you guys are able to play it here! it is unblocked and you know what that means! Means that you can play it anywhere you want! have not tested playing it while being on subway to be honest, but other than that I bet you can play it everywhere. Oh, noobs. All right, you want to get idea about this game, don’t you? Well it is 2D game, like Mario and stuff. But it is nothing like Mario, it is more like old Castlevania and Prince of Persia games. Well best thing to do is to just go and play this game. you will get the best idea about this game like that.


Still waiting for some answers? All right I will give you some. This 2D platform action game. you are playing as ninja. But not as any ninja, you are playing as red ninja! And your enemies are not just enemies, they are dead enemies! And you also are going to face some dead ninjas too! That it why this game is awesome! Well not only that. This game really has some old-school game vibe to it, even though it was made in 2013. Yep, it’s relevantly new game and yes it has cool 2D graphics. Music is another awesome part of this game you might want to check out.

Game modes

Super House of Dead Ninjas Unblocked is Single-Player game. Well, it does not have like real modes, but has some features which you can count as game modes. For example, you have awesome comic to read! Yes, I really do not know any other flash game which will offer you that. And also, there are 3 different levels to play. But you are only about to unlock them after you defeat the first level. We also have two difficulty levels: normal and hard.

How to play Super House of Dead Ninjas Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For Jumping – Up Arrow key.
  • In order to move backwards – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving forwards – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to drop down/crouch– Down Arrow key.
  • For melee attack – Z key.
  • In order to use projectile – X key.
  • For Bomb – C key.
  • In order to do some magic – Space Bar Key.

You can also change the default keys from the game menu.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello ninja! Looking for some tips I see. Answers from me you wait. Sorry, got little carried away last night watching Star Wars. I really like Yoda, but I am bad at impressions. All right, ninja. You want to learn some tips. That is always good! Because good ninja always wants to learn new things! Here are some tips to help you:

  • First of all, learn the basics! It is not that hard, right? but so many of you seem to skip on that.
  • Stuck with boss? No problem! Do the spinning jump slash! Yes, you heard that right.
  • Don’t know how to get that bonus hiding behind the wall? Use the bomb!
  • Too many enemies down there? use some magic!
  • Do not miss on upgrades and more importantly plan them! Not all them are necessary.