Stick Fight 2 Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Stick Fight 2

Stick Fight 2

Introduction and rules

Stick Fight 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of Stick Fight 2 game and is available to play online. Yes, that famous stickman game you might have heard about before is here. And best thing is that you can play it anywhere you want! By that I mean at school at work and at library. Even at your mom’s basement. Unbelievable right? Stickman games where very popular back in my days and has not lost its actuality till now. Well, at least for old guys like me it is true. And I guess that you young lads have also met stickman games on your phones and pc’s. I guess you will agree that they are fun. Already stickman looks fun and to be able to play with this stickman doubles the fun already. Okay so, if you do not know what’s this game is about, I will be your guide.


It is pretty simple, you are stickman and you battle against stickman. But good thing about this game is that your friend can be that stickman too. Yep, there is a two – player mode available and it is what makes this game even more fun. There are no rules here! Smash that stickman or your friend till it’s dead! That’s it!

Game modes

Game has two modes. You can play single player mode and beat the computer. You can also play two player mode and beat your friend or vise-versa. I mean your friend might beat your ass. What? Just because he came over does not mean he can’t beat your ass.

How to play Stick Fight 2 Unblocked?

Game controls:

Player 1

  • Use H and K keys to move left or right.
  • Click U key to jump.
  • Use A key to shoot.
  • Click S key to kick.
  • Use D key to punch.
  • Click W key for special attack.

Player 2

  • Use Left and Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.
  • Click UP Arrow Key to jump.
  • Use Delete key to shoot.
  • Click End key to kick.
  • Use Page Down key to punch.
  • Click W key for special attack.

Tips and Tricks:

Well firs of all what you need to know is that you must use combos to make special attacks. And also, there is one trick, special trick, you can up your energy with this! Yep, for player 1, by pressing down S and D keys. And for player two by pressing down End and Page Down keys. That’s it. Good luck.