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Introduction and rules

Solitaire Unblocked is the unblocked version of Solitaire game and is available to play online! I really can’t believe it! Classic is back! Oh, good old dial-up days! Oh, I remember that days when I was playing Mineswapper and Solitaire on Pentium 2 or 3. I can’t even remember what computer I had back in that days. Oh, I really miss that sweet days. All right, back to reality now. Well, if you are like me and remember this OG classic I have nothing to explain to you really. But if you are baby who just jumped out from their diapers well here is little story for you. This game is classic kid! Back in the days when internet was considered as magical thing and only chosen ones had it, peasants like me played offline games. And Solitaire Unblocked was among them.


Thing was that, we really did not ha many offline games back then. At least in my country it was really hard to get PC games. Some lucky guys had Doom floppy disks, but it was really hard to get them. So, we had to play with what we had. And no, I do not mean beating your meat by that. I mean we played games included in Windows. And of course, legendary Solitaire was there. It is card game guys. Your goal here is to assemble card decks in descending order. After completing all decks, you win. Sounds easy on words, but not so easy to do in practice.

Game modes

What are you looking at huh? It’s solitaire, not some huge AAA game. Game mode stayed the same to classic too. Single-player mate. That’s how you played it back than and that’s how you are going to play it now.

How to play Solitaire Unblocked?

Game controls: your friendly neighbor Mouse is going to guide you through this game. Yep, no magic tricks here.

Tips and Tricks:

I know it sounds funny, but it should not. Solitaire is not the easy game. I mean I remember for first times, I had really hard times on completing it. So, don’t be shy my friend. You need tips and here they are:

  • Rules matter. It is obvious, but be honest. Most of us just jump to the game and ignore the rules. But trust me. Spending a little time on learning the rules, will save you a lot of time in future.
  • Aces and Deuces must be moved. These cards are not really helpful unless you put them to the foundation. I guess we all can agree on that.
  • Play with the right order. Move the cards from stockpile first. After you are out of moves move to cards dealt from deck.