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Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game

Introduction and rules

Scary Maze Game Unblocked is the unblocked version of Scary Maze Game and is available to play online! What a surprise! Legendary maze game is back with unblocked version boys and girls! And of course, you can play it at school toilet too! I mean you can play it anywhere you wish! I can’t guarantee that you can play it on international space station, but if someone tries to play there, please let me know. If you don’t know what this game is, well I am here to tell you. It’s the maze game as you already may have figured it out. It is similar to the Worlds Hardest Game, but of course it has some different options. Do yourself a favor and try this game out without spoiler. I can guarantee you that you will be surprised by the ending.


Okay, so we have 2D graphics. We also have little blue block and field where you have to move. Your goal here is to move that block to the end of the field without hitting the sides. It gets challenging after sides are getting narrower. There is red door at the end of every level and your goal is to enter there. That’s it.

Game modes

I understand that there are some mazes which can be played by two-players, but it’s not our case. We only have Single-Player mode here guys. Game is hard, so beating it in Single-Player will be already a challenge.

How to play Scary Maze Game Unblocked?

Game controls: our lovely friend Mouse is the only way to play this game my friends.

Tips and Tricks:

Of course, mazes are always somewhat hard to beat. I understand that you need some tips to beat this maze too. There is nothing to worry about. Tips are not going to be complicated. Because this game is not complicated too. Here they are:

  • Take it slow. Not at slow as Turtle of course, but still. Rushing through the field will restart the game. Bad thing is that, even if you are at level 3, if you fail you start from level 1. So yeah, rushing is not the best idea. Slow down on narrow points and you won’t have any trouble to get through this game.
  • Do not be scared! Of course, the name of this game says that it’s scary maze, but it is more hard than scary. So, don’t be scared and enjoy it 😉.