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Running Fred

Running Fred

Introduction and rules

Running Fred Unblocked is the unblocked version of Running Fred game and is available to play online! Yes baby! come on! You got to have heard about this one! I mean I understand you may not have about SuperFighters Unblocked, but this? Its Temple Runs spin-off man! How have you not heard about this one? Well at least you can play it on our website for free and anywhere you want, so you can just thank us for that. There is nothing much to add about this game guys. As I already mentioned it’s your, another Temple run’s spin-off. And if you don’t know what Temple Run is, I just assume that you have been living in cave.


Well yes, it’s like Temple Run. So, your objective is simple, run as fast and as far as you can before you die. And I mean you are going to die a lot in this one. You thought Temple Run was hard? You are going to be amazed how hard Running Fred Unblocked can be. Yes, start may seem simple, but it gets really hard after.

Game modes

Nothing fancy here. Just good old Single-Player. As we already said the goal of the game is to beat your own best score. So yeah, nothing more then that.

How to play Running Fred Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For Jumping – Space Bar key.
  • In order to move Left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving Right – Right Arrow Key.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello friend! I mean Fred! Want to hear some tips on how not to die while running? Maybe you just stop running? Sounds reasonable enough, right? Well, I guess you are not going to do that, so here are some tips which will help you with your running:

  • Do not be afraid of bars. They are most safe obstacles in this game. Of course, they will cause you to slow down, but they won’t kill you.
  • Running over blue speed up tracks is not always the best idea. I mean it seems like the faster you run the better. But the truth is that in order to avoid some obstacles it is better for you to slow down.
  • Look forward. No seriously, look at the track carefully and choose the safest line to run through.
  • Timing of your jump/double jump is crucial. You do them wrong you fall into traps.