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Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul

Introduction and rules

Rogue Soul Unblocked is the unblocked version of Rogue Soul games and is available to play online! That is right boys and girls, your favorite flash game is back and is available for playing online! And yes, it does have unblocked version and you are able to play it anywhere you want! And by that, I mean literally anywhere guys! I know some of you will be like: “but hey we know nothing about this game”. so, for you guys, I am going to explain some. First of all, this is 2D platform game. second of all I can compare this game to old-school games like Prince of Persia. Yes, but 2D version not the new one. there are other 2D games too, but Prince of Persia will be right to compare with. Why? Because this game is 2D side-scroller. Just like, Prince of Persia.


So, yeah. You might already have guessed. You are playing here as rogue. But your goal is not to steal some awesome treasure. I mean you are stealing, but not some big treasure like egg of Faberge. Yes, it is 2D like old-school games, but graphics are not really old-school. Actually, graphics are up to date and game looks really beautiful because of that. Music is also a good part of this game. of course, it can not stand near to Prince of Persia: Warrior Within soundtrack, but for flash game like this, it is pretty good.

Game modes

Rogue Soul Unblocked is Single-Player game, but we do have some modes. For example, we have our Campaign mode, which is original mode for all the games. And after that we have some Challenges. Challenges can be unblocked only after you beat the Campaign mode. There are also some Loots to hunt for and collect. And at last, not really a mode, but nice feature – you can customize your character. But you need to progress in the game to do that.

How to play Rogue Soul Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For Jumping – Up Arrow key.
  • For double Jump – Click Up Arrow Key twice.
  • In order to move backwards – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving forwards – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to drop down – Down Arrow key.
  • For slide – F key.
  • In order to use dagger – G key.
  • For parachute – D key.

You can also change the default keys from the game menu.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello lost soul. Looking for some tips to play this awesome game? Well I am not really surprised. Why? Because this game is not as easy as everyone thinks. Yes, compared to Dark Souls it is walk in the park, but other than that it has some hard levels. So, here are some tips for you my man:

  • First of all, learn all tricks you can do. Listing all of them here is going to take while. So, just practice all the tricks. For example, attacking while you jump down is going to help you in lot of levels.
  • Learn your enemies. It is basic of all games. Learn how your enemies are written and what they do. Knowing that will help you to eliminate them or to find ways to overcome them.