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Robbery Bob 3

Robbery Bob 3

Introduction and rules

Robbery Bob 3 is also another successful continuation of Robbery Bob game series. Our beloved character Bob returns to steal even more money and other valuable objects. Game was originally designed for mobile and tablet platforms. It has more than 10 million downloads on play and app store. I guess you can imagine how successful this game is. Thankfully for us, Robbery Bob is now available on PC.


You may wonder but what’s the difference between Robbery Bob 2 and 3, right? Well let me explain. As all games do, in updated version we get better graphics, new level designs, new adventures and new enemies. I was really impressed with graphic improvement though. Also, you might notice that game has become more difficult when previous ones and is less forgiving. Getting caught in this version of game, nearly means failing the level. Because of that you must scheme even more carefully than you had to do it before. No one wants to get their ass beaten by police or get bitten by dogs or even worse, right? Also, do not forget to check everything, because in newer version of game there are even some more hidden secrets. You might find gold there, so keep an eye on that too. Otherwise than that, nothing much has changed.

How to play Robbery Bob 3?

Game controls:

  • Use Left/ Right Arrow keys or A/D keys to move bob around.
  • Use UP Arrow key or W key to climb/enter doorways and interact with objects.
  • Space bar to swing your character.

Tips and Tricks:

As we already mentioned, newer version is a lot more difficult than previous ones and because of that you will have to think ten times before doing some action, because being busted means pretty much loosing the game.