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Robbery Bob 2

Robbery Bob 2

Introduction and rules

Robbery Bob 2 is successful continuation of Robbery Bob game series, in which as you may have already guessed you play as Bob the burglar. But, it’s not your everyday burglar story. game has its unique approach to telling the story of Bob and that’s what makes it so interesting. First game was already big success. Because of its play style, unique levels design and amazingly good graphics. And now they have returned with even better levels and even better graphics to bless your soul and eyes. Even though game has 2D graphics, animations in second game has really improved. You should also notice that the physics of characters are also better.


So, you might be thinking, everything seems good but what this game is about? Well, you might also have guessed this but the main goal here is to not get caught. Yep, you must be as sneaky as possible and plan your robberies so you won’t get caught. And, believe me there are too many obstacles in your way which will prevent you from that. And, because of that you must also use a little bit of your brain power to be smarter than computer programmed NPC’s, all right? Gameplay is really fun though and you may find devoting even hours to this game. Yes, at first it may look childish but, all that planning, scheming and successful robberies might get you hooked to this game.


How to play Robbery Bob 2?

Game controls:

  • Use Left/ Right Arrow keys or A/D keys to move bob around.
  • Use UP Arrow key or W key to climb/enter doorways and interact with objects.
  • Space bar to swing your character.

Tips and Tricks:

Best advice we can give you about this game is that, think before taking action. Robbing is not easy in real life and this game in no exception too. If you do not plan you will get busted. So, make sure to choose best strategies to make your robberies successful.