Riddle School Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Riddle School

Riddle School

Introduction and rules

Riddle School Unblocked is the unblocked version of Riddle School game series and is available to play online! Hmm, guess not much of you have heard about this game. All right, I will go to discussion part. Oh, almost forgot. Riddle School Unblocked can be played anywhere you want. Yes, you can play it at school, at work and at library. Back to discussion. Well, you remember that game Gone Home? Or that newer Firewatch game? Yes, I am not joking. Well, it would be better to compare this game to Gone Home, because it is click and point game just like Riddle School Unblocked.


As we said it is click and point game and your goal here is to solve puzzles. Yes, if you are into puzzle solving, then this game is for you. Here you play as school kid and you have to solve different puzzles. But in order to solve puzzles you have to read through conversations. Yes, this game is somewhat different from others. But it is really fun and I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it.

Game modes

Only mode for this game is Single-Player. Yes, riddle guys. You are not going to play this game with your friends. It is interesting and hard game to beat man, so you will have fun on your own too.

How to play Riddle School Unblocked?

It is click and point game man. So, what we are going to do? Yes, we are going to click and point using your Mouse. Sorry, your lasers beams are not going to work here superman. 

Tips and Tricks:

Riddle me this. Sorry guys, I had to say that. I was waiting for that opportunity for a long time. Do not worry Sherlock. We got some tips even for you. We do not mean to disrespect you, so if you don’t want you can not check our tips.

  • Game screen offers you a lot man. You can turn sound on and off. You can also Pause, Restart, and Resume the game from game screen.
  • Puzzle solving is the main goal in this game. To do so you must read the conversations carefully.
  • If you want to fully immerse in this game you can play it full screen mode too.
  • Instructions are also here man! So, if you get stuck at any point, click Walkthrough button.