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Introduction and rules

QWOP Unblocked is the unblocked version of QWOP game and is available to play online! That’s right. That legendary game is back with unblocked version and you can play it anywhere you want man. By that we mean school, work and library. Some say it might even work at FBI office, but I have no luck to get there, so can’t guarantee you that. Not heard about this game? Don’t worry. To give you idea about this game is not hard. It’s ragdoll game man. Well at least physics in this game is ragdoll for sure. And yes, I know thinking what this game is coming from its name is really hard. So, to make things easier I will tell you, that this is a running game. But by saying that, I will not be completely honest. Because it’s not only about running.


Yes, technically this game is about running. And the main goal of this game is to run 100 meters, but. First of all, you need to learn how to balance this fucker! I mean oh my god! Make one step, I dare you! You can’t, right? Well that’s what I am talking about! This game was made to torture you! Forget Dark souls, forget Darkest Dungeon, forget Unfair Mario. This game is so hard that, players from all other the world spent hours to make single step!

Game modes

Sorry, you are not going to race against friends in this game. This game was not designed for that. It was made to torture your feelings in Single-Player mode. That’s what this game was made for.

How to play QWOP Unblocked?

Running is not simple in real life. And running is not even simpler in this game. We have talked about that and you know that. You thought that this game would have some crazy controls? Well it does have!

  • Use Q Key and W Key to move tights.
  • Click O Key and P Key to move calves.

Tips and Tricks:

Here are some tips for you running man. I don’t know if this are going to help you to beat this hard as hell game, but at least you can try. Well at least it’s not pointless to try them.

  • Understanding movements is important. Yes, you can practice and discover on own your own, but when why are you looking for tips, right?
  • Q Key will move the left thigh back and the right thigh forward.
  • W Key does the opposite. I men it moves the right thigh back and left thigh forward.
  • O key will extend the left knee and bend the right knee.
  • P Key will extend the right knee and bend the left knee.