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Potty Racers

Potty Racers

Introduction and rules

Potty Racers Unblocked is the unblocked version of Potty Racers game series and is available to play online! Well, I was also amused when I first heard about this game. I was even more amused when I heard that it has sequels! But I guess people just love to race with their potty so, who am I to judge? Well game is free and it is available for playing anywhere you want so trying it out won’t do big damage. You might be surprised how fun this game turns out to be. I am really trying to come up with games to compare it with, but my mind is blank. Guess because there are no games where you race with potty! Hmm, let me think. Well you know what? You can compare this game to that jump as high or as long as you can flash games.


I really tried to give you the best overall idea about this game guys. Excuse me if I failed. I will go in details now. Potty Racers Unblocked is the 2D platformer game. Oh, and yes, it is also stickman game. I mean you play as stickman. You push the public potty down the hill, jump into the potty (I know right?) and then jump from cliff edge doing potty tricks! Good thing games don’t smell. I can say for sure that this game would have awful smell. But, despite all that shitty stuff going on, Potty Racers Unblocked is surprisingly fun game to play.

Game modes

Choo-choo. Warning! Potty on wheels is on way! Hah! Sorry, I just still can’t over it. Now about game modes. Well nothing majestic my brother, Single-Player is the only available mode to play here, so have fun.

How to play Potty Racers Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow Key to right the potty!
  • Click Right Arrow Key to speed up!
  • Use Left Arrow Key and Right Arrow Key to balance!
  • Click Num Lock 1,2,3,4,5,6 Keys to do the tricks! 

Tips and Tricks:

Hey pot head! How you are you doing my man? Heh, sorry had to use that reference. Seriously though man, you need tips on how to jump better with public toilet? Well got to say that’s most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. And no, thing is not that you want tips, but that you are jumping with public toilet. I mean how in the hell do you do that? What’s next? Flying toilets? Well I am not here to judge. You wanted tips, here they are:

  • Get used to controls! Everyone thinks that controls are easy, but most of them end up never mastering them. Master your controls and you will be able to ride your potty like Michael Schumacher!
  • Upgrades MF do you do them? Upgrades are no joke. You got to be careful when choosing them. Certain upgrades are good for certain goals. So, choose wisely.