Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2

Introduction and rules

Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of Plazma Burst game series and is available to play online! Yes! I mean fucking yes! Legend is back baby! I really don’t care have you heard about this game or not. Because you must have heard about this legend! This is the best sci-fi flash game you can play online, so if you are real gamer you just have to know about it, man! If in some inhuman ways you have not heard about this gem, you can just go and play Plazma Burst Unblocked on our website! Yes dude! First part of this game is available on our website, so go and check that out!


Welcome back marines! You have waited for it! You rooted for it! Cried for it! You stood at my bed and watched me sleep until I would place this game on website! So, here it is brothers! Of course, second part comes with changes! We now have Multi Player mode guys! We also have new levels and challenges. Graphics and level designs have also improved and you can change them in settings. Also, we got new awesome weapons! New custom design for our marine and new custom map mode! We have 10 new levels to play through! Believe me guys, playing through this, levels on hard difficulty is real challenge! And last but not least soundtrack man. You can hear and feel that awesome soundtrack just as soon as you open the game menu. And it gets better and better when you play! I can say that this is sequel that we deserved guys! So, pause that thing you where doing and enjoy real mans game!

Game modes

Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked has Single Player and Multi Player modes available. But Multi Player is only available on official website and if you really want to try that out, go ahead and visit their website. But we can guarantee you that you are going to enjoy Single Player mode too. Campaign is really big and we also have custom map modes. Also playing through campaign on hard difficulty will make you sweat like virgin on first night so yeah, enjoy that too.

How to play Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use A/D or Right and Left arrows to move left or right.
  • Click Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Use E to use things.
  • Click Shift key, S key or Down arrow to crouch.
  • Use Space bar, W key or Up arrow to jump.
  • Click 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to switch between weapons.
  • Use G key to through grenade.
  • Click P key to pause the game.
  • Use Z Key for time warp.
  • Click X Key to fall.
  • Use C Key for kinetic module.
  • Click V Key to drop current weapon.
  • Use Q Key to switch to last used weapon.
  • Click Mouse Wheel Up for next weapon.
  • Use Mouse Wheel Down for previous weapon. 

Tips and Tricks:

Looking for tips again player? Haven’t you already learned from the first game? Well there is nothing I can do about it. It is my duty to tell you tips, here they are:

  • Just like in the first game bro. Use every advantage! And for this time advantage will be to use enemy’s bodies as shields. So yeah, do that!
  • Upgrade man! You think you cool yeah? Well you be even cooler after upgrading your weapons. Good thing is that you can do that by killing and collecting from your opponents.