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Parking Mania

Parking Mania

Introduction and rules

Parking Mania is the special kind of game. What I mean by that is that it really might help you in real life. I mean of course it is not like real life and is more forgiving but still. Skill you get from this game might be useful. Not many games can say that. You are still thinking about it, huh? Well imagine good old grand theft auto. Yes, I am talking about first parts of this legendary game. Where you had only 2D graphics and from todays perspective looks really lame. But it was innovation for its time and you can’t argue about that. Even though it had 2D graphics and of course game was not near as complex and big as it is today with its fifth part it was still joy ride. So, Parking Mania is not GTA has some similar gameplay aspects.


As we said Parking Mania is 2D game. And of course, It’s about parking. No, it’s not about parking horse cabs my dear British gentle mans. Its about parking regular cars in parking lot. Idea of the game is really simple at first look. But as many of you already may have guessed game itself is not that easy. I mean parking the right way is quiet challenging in real life and it is not easy to do in this game too. Of course, it is not as challenging as parking big ass truck in real life or in truck simulators, but still. Also, game gets really addictive and challenging after few hours of play. You have different options how to park and how to play so here is that too.

Game modes

Game has only Single-Player mode available but it does not mean it’s lame. As we already mentioned there is fun stuff to do.

How to play Parking Mania?

Game controls:

  • Use Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use Down Arrow Key to go down.
  • Click Up Arrow Key to go up.

Tips and Tricks:

Well, well my dear driver. You want some tips on how to park better? Well here it goes:

  • Reverse and Turn properly! Sounds like common sense but many of you do not do that. It will help you a lot.
  • Do not rush your speed! You are not racing here, so keep your speed slow. Drivers sometimes slow down even in race so while parking it is even more helpful.
  • Focus and ignore little mistakes! While starting out everyone does mistakes. It is no big problem, ignore them and keep practicing.
  • Find your comfort zone! It is your game and you are driving here. So finding comfy way to drive will always help too!