PacMan Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Introduction and rules

PacMan Unblocked is the unblocked version of PacMan game and is available to play online! Yes, boys and girls. This legend has come at our website! It is free and you can play it anywhere you want! yes guys the hype is real! Old golden arcade game is available for playing on our website. What else can you want? I was not able to believe it myself for first either, but here I am posting this game on our website. I mean god! This game is real legend! and I can’t even imagine someone saying that they don’t know this game. I mean they can say it, but I will not believe it. If you are 6 or something like that ask your parents about this game and you will hear a lot from them. But if you are old enough you just have to heard about this game.


So, I mean there is really not much to talk about because I mean everyone knows what the PacMan Unblocked is! Well I will just bring up some details. We all know that originally this was an arcade game. But it has changed a lot of platforms since then. One thing that remains the same is gameplay. I mean you still play in 2D and you still control that yellow PacMan dude. You still have to eat everything on your away in order to advance to new level. And you have to avoid ghosts! So yeah, things what everyone loved about this game stays same. And of course, that arcade music and sounds are here too!

Game modes

PacMan Unblocked has one and only Single-Player baby. game is older than my grandmother so yep. You could not expect more than single-player from it. But that’s what made this game awesome.

How to play PacMan Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Up Arrow key. to move up.
  • Left Arrow Key. – to move left.
  • Right Arrow Key. – to move right.
  • Down Arrow Key. – to go down.

PacMan is always hungry and eating on its own. So yeah. You don’t need to control that.

Tips and Tricks:

What is up yellow thing? Sorry to call you that way but I can’t really tell what you are. You look like a cheese and quarter of a moon at the same time so. Yeah, whatever you are you are welcome here. Looks like you need some help to fight against ghosts. So, if I got that right, I am willing to help you. Here are some tips:

  • First of all. Learn your enemies! These ghosts have their patterns and knowing how they move will help you. For example, red ghost is always trying to catch you, but he is really slow. Then on the other hand, you have pink ghost and they are fast!  
  • Do not miss power ups! I mean that is obvious but still. New players miss it. Thing is that when you eat power up ghosts become blue and you are able to eat them too!