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Introduction and rules

Motherload Unblocked is the unblocked version of Motherload games and is available to play online! Well this game is not as popular as other ones, so because of that I am going to explain some. First of all, it is unblocked, so you are able to play it anywhere you want. At school, at work, at library, does not matter, just hop on our website and press play. Well this game is somewhat tricky to explain because there are not much similar games to this. I mean I can compare it to Spelunky. But thing is that is not really 100% similar to that. For example, in Spelunky you are treasure hunter and you really do here too. But you are robot here and not the human. Also, being honest I will say that graphics are not as good as in Spelunky.


Okay, so what this game is about finally? Well you are some kind of mining robot. And guess what? Yes, you mine and I mean you mine a lot! I mean it is your purpose here! Guess that is better than having purpose to pass the butter. But you are not just mining for no reason, no. you are mining to find the Motherload mineral! And your mission is to bring that mineral back. But problem is that Motherload is located really deep under the ground and you have to mine for a good time to get there.

Game modes

Motherload Unblocked is Single-Player game. Sorry but there is no Multiplayer available. Also, I am sorry, but there are no additional game modes here.

How to play Motherload Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For going up/jumping – Up Arrow key.
  • In order to move left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving right – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to dig/go down – Down Arrow key.

You can also use Mouse to control robot.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello mining pod! Hah! I mean absolutely no one in the world including me, would imagine that I would say that. Well even if you are robot, does not mean that you are smart. I mean most robots are smart, but not all them. So, I will share some tips for you to make your mining easier:

  • First of all, do not miss un drill upgrades. Curtain levels require certain types of drills and if you skip on this, you are not going to be able to complete that levels.
  • You need money to buy upgrades. Getting money is not that easy here. Yes, completing some tasks will give you rewards, but also look out for treasures!
  • You are going to face lava at some point. And trick here is not to dig them, but blow them up boy! Yes, you are able to blow up lava in this game.