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Mario Combat

Mario Combat

Introduction and rules

Mario Combat is another game based on Mario franchise. But it is freaking awesome! Well let me tell you why. First of all, who does not love Mario games right? I do not know single person who is going to turn their back on Mario! I mean this game is freaking legendary! Brought it 1981 and still rocking on! It’s been 38 years dude. If this game was not good how it would last so long? All right enough of praising Mario. I know everyone loves it and that’s true! So, what is special about Mario Combat you might ask? Well think of it like Unfair Mario but reversed! Think about it like new Doom game. Yes, I am talking about Doom 2016, where demons are stuck with you! Well of course you are not doom slayer here, but you kick some ass too! Yes boy, Mario is badass!


I guess I got you excited with that last line. So, let me explain. As most of you remember Mario is just jumping on their enemies and shooting some shiny balls when he has them. He is never really like punching them in the face! And if you have dreamed about to be able to do that it is finally here! Mario Combat brought that to you baby! Mario is able to punch the hell out of his enemies and oh boy he is doing it with style! But that’s not the only thing! Soundtrack man! Soundtrack is so epic too that it makes you want to punch! Also, we got some parkour elements too! So be sure to check that out! If you are not excited after hearing all this awesome stuff, then go and play your lame Fortnite or whatever.

Game modes

Single-Player baby. We do not have two player mode available in here. But believe me you will have ton’s of fun anyway.

How to play Mario Combat?

Game controls:

  • Use Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use Down Arrow Key to go down.
  • Click Up Arrow Key to Jump.
  • Use A Key to punch your enemies!
  • Use Space Bar to enter the castle.

Tips and Tricks:

Well, well, well. You need some tips on how to play Mario Combat? Fear no more boy! Here are some!

  • Punch many times to get super combo! Yes, Mario became so badass that it can do super combos now!
  • Jump on the walls to get up! Yes, we got some Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed vibes here so Mario is doing some parkour!