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Jumpers for goalposts

Jumpers for goalposts

Introduction and rules

Jumpers for Goalposts Unblocked is the unblocked version of Jumpers for Goalposts game series and is available to play online! Yes, imagine that there are 4 more games in this series! For some of you that might sound ridiculous, but truth is truth. I mean, for football lovers this might be good news, but I really doubt that this will make regular gamers happy. Nevertheless, this game is available for playing anywhere you want, so why not give it a try? Besides that, everyone who played this game, says that it is really addictive and I can agree with them at some point. No, you are not playing here as goalkeeper don’t worry. I mean the name of game sounds like you do, but you are not. You are playing as forward and you are doing penalty shots.


Well yes, you do penalty shots. Sounds like easy thing to do. Well, if you ask real life football players, they will say that penalty shots are not as easy as they seem to be. And same is for this game. Main feature of this game is its difficulty mate. Think you can kick that ball with first try? Good luck with that! It’s not like, its super hard game, but still. Mastering and getting comfy with this game will take some time. And also we have some adventure in this game which will keep you entertained.

Game modes

Sorry to say, but there is no Two-Player mode in this game. I know many of you might expected two player mode since its football game, but no. We only have Single-Player mode for you guys. But campaign mode is pretty long, so we guess that you will have fun with that too!

How to play Jumpers for Goalposts Unblocked?

You thought it would be something complicated? Nope. There are no complicated controls in this game player. You only need to Right Click on your Mouse to kick the ball. 

Tips and Tricks:

Football players always need some help. I mean why else are they training? To master their skills you will say, but that’s not the only point. By training they also are getting advices from their coach and teammates, that’s what training is about.

  • Practice! As you already may have guessed practicing is the only way to master this game. It works for real football players and it works here too! There is no way to overcome it, sorry guys.
  • Try to kick from right-end corner. It is not the ultimate way of kicking, but most players had their best luck from this position. Try for yourself and see if it works.
  • Do not rush! Well that’s obvious, but still many of players kick the ball as fast as it appears and that is not going to work.