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Introduction and rules

Jacksmith Unblocked is the unblocked version of Jacksmith game and is available to play online! Oh boy this game is really unique. I mean you love RPG games, right? I mean games like Skyrim, Witcher, Dragon Age and also fantasy strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Mythology. Come on man, I know you know these games. All right, all right, what about Gothic? Or Risen? Diablo for fucks sake. Okay Diablo may not qualify as real RPG but it still has some elements to it. Okay, I will go further you know that Facebook game KingsRoad? I bet at least you had an ad for it. Well, our Jacksmith Unblocked collects all good from that and brings it online! Well it might not be action based because it is strategy RPG.


This game has really rich story. It is like that old classic RPG games, which where hardly story driven. And it does good job on that. But here is the best part. Want to hear it? You play as Jack, I mean Donkey. Yes, you are Donkey but you are honorable Knight Donkey. Sound cool right? Well wait until you play the game. If you are fan of turned based fantasy RPG like Divinity you will love this game. I bet that every RPG fan will love this game because it is really too much fun!

Game modes

This game has only single player mode available.

How to play Jacksmith Unblocked?

Game controls: Well as surprisingly it might sound, you will only need mouse to play it.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can do multitasking, but it will get harder for you to manage the time.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice! You won’t get anywhere without it.
  • That sneaky Gander guy might not have everything you need, so search on your own too.
  • Items stay same for a day, and no restarting the day won’t do the trick.
  • Faster you finish weapons more gems you will get!
  • There is no bargain! Do not hope for it!
  • Sales are rotating on the items every day, so use that wisely.