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Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy

Introduction and rules

Interactive Buddy is really unique game in a way then you think about it. What I mean by that is that there are not really many games like this. I mean of course there is ragdoll stickman and some games like that. But in the end, there are not big amount of them. In my opinion that’s a shame, because games like this, really lets you to just relax and have fun around with character. For those who do not know about this game, it will be my pleasure to be your guide. Think about this game as something like punching bag. Well no, that will not be the accurate reference. Think about it like interacting with robot with feelings. Yep, that’s better way to think about it. And I mean I guess the only way, because it’s what this game really is about. It’s not only that, you will see.


As we already said, this game is about interacting with human like robot. Or whatever it is. I will name it Jeff for lols sake. So, Jeff likes to be interacted with but he responses in different ways. And that’s when game really starts to become fun. Different interactions have different outcomes. Jeff may be angry, happy, sometimes even might swear. Yep, fact that it is a robot does not mean it can not swear, so be aware of that too. Game has a lot of stuff to play around with. For example: you can buy new skinks, yes you can crate new Jeff. There are also new objects to explore like: explosives, god powers, hand objects and normal objects. You can also save your game progress or start a new one if you feel so.

Game modes

Game is Single-Player, but we have some modes too. We got FPS counter mode and Open Ceiling mode. Both of them are fun to discover. What FPS counter does it that shows you game fps. And with Open Ceiling mode you are free to roam.

How to play Interactive Buddy?

Game controls: You need your mouse. Yes, it is that simple. You will figure out rest by yourself.

Tips and Tricks:

Well this game is really simple so there are no big tips here. Still there are some:

  • Easiest way to get money is just by tossing around your buddy with right hand. Try it and you will see.