Infinite Mario Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Infinite Mario

Infinite Mario

Introduction and rules

Infinite Mario unblocked is the unblocked version of Infinite Mario game and is available to play online! Are not you entertained? Sorry, don’t know why but that quote from Gladiator just flew in my mind. All right, so we have new awesome Mario game on our website. There is nothing much to talk about it. We love Mario, you love Mario, everybody loves Mario! so go and enjoy new and awesome Mario game!


Infinite Mario unblocked will be loved by old-school Mario lovers as well as new Mario lovers too. Why? Because it is Mario! well it will more be loved by old-school players because infinite Mario has old and cool level design. Of course, we have some new levels, some new features and enemies. But, game has old and cool Mario vibe to it and it is really fun to play.

Game modes

Infinite Mario Unblocked has only Single-Player mode available. well yes, it looks like good old Mario game and it is good all Mario game. we do not have some fancy modes here, but this game is really infinite so, you can enjoy it infinite times!

How to play Infinite Mario Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • In order to move left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving right – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to crouch/get in tubes – Down Arrow key.
  • For jumping – S Key

Tips and Tricks:

Hello old Mario! long time no see! How is princess peach? How is life going? Guess you can’t just sit and enjoy life, right? always looking for some new adventures I see. I remember you where always like that. Is princess in danger again? Really? Well hurry up and save her! We have some tips and we are about to share it:

  • Hope you remember old tricks because many of them have remained the same. For example, there is hidden gold boxes. You remember that, right? Wooden boxes that look regular and contain gold in them? Just check and bump them with your head.
  • Also, the old trick with jumping on your enemies and hitting their cocoon after works here too, so don’t forget to use that.
  • Mushrooms are here too! Do not miss them! We also have good old magical flowers which give you power-ups!