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impossible quiz 2

impossible quiz 2

Introduction and rules

Impossible Quiz 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of impossible quiz game series and is available to play online! Yes baby! Our beloved crazy quiz game is back! Impossible Quiz 2 Unblocked has arrived on our website! You guys know this game from its previous part which is also available on our website. You have waited some time for second part? Well here it is! For one’s who are new to this game, I would describe this game like answering the FBI questions. Or even worse, answering the questions while someone is pointing gun at your head. Ask anyone who has played this game, and they will tell you what I am talking about. I would also suggest to check out previous game Impossible Quiz Unblocked on our website.


HAHA! Good news, right guys? Well sure it is. You can finally play second part of that impossible to beat game. Has anything added to they new game? Well of course it had. We have new impossible questions for you and we have 100+ of them! So yeah, it won’t be easy to finish this game fast. We also got tick tock bomb! This thing is going to appear on your screen and you must answer your question before time on this bomb expires. Else, you will have big boom! We also have skip icons. They appear rarely, because they are some sort of help for you. With skip icons you will be able to skip the questions. So yes, here are the news, no go and rock!

Game modes

Quiz-Mode man. You can also call it our beloved single-player campaign mode. Because it’s what it really is. There is no multiplayer, two-player or billion-player mode here. Listen, you got 100 + something crazy question to answer. Do you really want something else?

How to play Impossible Quiz 2 Unblocked?

You got only one option to play this game. And no, it’s not your keyboard or controller. It is your old friend Mouse. Some of you might got new gaming mouse too, so good for you! 

Tips and Tricks:

Hmm. Thinkers also need help. Of course, I get it. But, do you really want to get help on this game? I mean I understand that, this is impossible quiz to beat, but still. Doing it by yourself is the main point. Only tip for you guys is to think before answering. It is tricky game. And answers are not always what you think it should be in logical way. Sometimes answer to question like are you guy or girl, would be E=mc2. I know you see no connection between the question and answer, but that’s how this game works. It’s not my fault all right?