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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Introduction and rules

Happy Wheels Unblocked is one of the most beloved online game of original Happy Wheels fans. Reason for that is that in unblock version you get even more realistic physics, more blood, crazy levels and possibility to create one’s on your own. Your eyes will be blessed by amazing graphics. You will also be able to choose from even more characters. If you are not familiar with original Happy Wheels, we’ll get you covered. Happy Wheels is one of the most fun and entertaining browser games of all times! You can control variety of characters which ride different vehicles and you even get to choose character with a kid! I mean it sounds insane right? But, that’s what this ragdoll physics-based game is all about.


The rule of the game is that you must avoid different obstacles at all cost! No, I mean it, you must do it like your real life depends on it. Otherwise you get damaged and may not make it through the level. And it is the main goal here. We want to have a safe ride, especially if you are riding with your kid, right? So, avoid obstacles at all costs, that’s it!

How to play Happy Wheels Unblocked?

Game controls for this are pretty easy, here they are listed below:

  • Controls: use your arrow keys.
  • Primary actions: use Space bar.
  • Secondary actions: use Shift or Control (Ctrl) buttons.
  • Eject: use Z button.


Tips and Tricks:

If you are a newcomer to this game take it slow. Because the controls of this game are really hard to adjust to, start with easy levels. Master your skills and then go to more difficult ones. Do not rush to most difficult levels because your friend was bragging about defeating that level. You may end up giving up on the game because of that. Take your time and you will eventually start seeing some progress.