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Introduction and rules

Hanger Unblocked is the unblocked version of Hunger game series and is available to play online! You can play it at school, at work and at library too! Have not checked at school but can say that it works in other two places. If you are long time flash game player, I guess you must have heard about this game. I mean it’s that one game which most online gamers talk about. Why? Because it’s hard and everyone tries to compare their scores in this game. For new guys, I will describe this game as something like mix between stickman and Happy Wheels game. Yes, Hanger Unblocked is not what you might thought it to be. It’s not that hang game you played at school with words. It’s 2D platformer game. What a surprise, right?


Well It is 2D platform game and yes you play as hang man. Well, that’s pretty weird, but as long as it works, developers can do whatever they want. Goal of this game is to get through the levels using the rope you are hanged on. You will have to release your hanged man and hang him again in order to overcome obstacles. And reason why I compared this game to happy wheels is because of physics of this game. Yes, physics of Hanger Unblocked is somewhat similar to Happy Wheels. Obstacles in this game are also hard to overcome, so yes, it is not easy game. Have fun!

Game modes

Excuse us, but we only have Single-Player mode for you guys. But game is pretty big so we guess that this will not bother you.

How to play Hanger Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Left Arrow Key to swing left.
  • Click Right Arrow Key to swing right.
  • Use Space Bar to release and press it again to hang. 

Tips and Tricks:

Hanged man. How are you doing? Guess you feel hanged over, right? Sorry for silly joke. At least I tried my best. Well there are not many tips about this game man, but still we got some.

  • Swinging is important. Of course, when to release and hang is also important and we will talk about that later, but so is swing. When you will get comfortable and master your swing you will be able to play through this game easier.
  • Master when to release and when to hang. Just like in any game, timing is crucial here too. Release late you will fail, release early and you will fail again. Same rule applies for hanging.