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Gun Blood

Gun Blood

Introduction and rules

Gun Blood Unblocked is the unblocked version of Five Gun Blood game and is available to play online! That’s right ladies and gentleman. This awesome game is available on our website. And good thing is that you are able to play it at school, at work and at libraries. Basically saying, you can play it anywhere you want. So, I have one question for you guys. Do you like western movies? Do you love wild west? When for sure you are going to enjoy this game! Of course, it’s not as cool as Call of Juarez, but trust me it will test your reflexes really well. If someone still have not figured out what this game is about, I will tell you. This game is about western style duel! So, get your guns and reflexes ready and let the challenge begin!


As we already mentioned before this game is about duel. And what duel is about? It’s about being quicker and faster then your opponent. Same rules apply to this game. In order to beat your opponent, you have to be faster and shoot them before they shoot you. First few levels might look easy, but trust me it gets really hard after four or five enemies. Some even have trouble beating the second opponent. Well I will be honest and say that graphics are not the greatest, but I will also say that physics work really well in this game. Summing it up, I will say that if you love wild west and duel you are going to enjoy this game.

Game modes

This game has only one mode. And that mode is Single-Player. We have already talked about how hard this game gets. So good luck on beating that Single-Player mode mate.

How to play Gun Blood Unblocked?

Game controls: I guess you knew this was coming. You have to be fast. You don’t want anything to be in your way. So yes, you will only need to use Mouse to play this game. That simple.

Tips and Tricks:

Hey there gunslinger! Not as quick as you thought to be, huh? Well everyone thinks they are the fastest until they meet the worthy opponent. Good thing you made out alive. So, you are looking for some tips on how to be quicker than that cowboy? Sorry but there is only one thing you can do. And that thing is to Practice! But if you want to approach it in dirty way, here are some cheats for you:

  • FASTFIRE – I mean it sounds obvious you will shoot faster.
  • POINTER – This will add laser pointer to your gun.
  • NOHIT – You are godlike!
  • MOREAMMO – you will never run out of ammo.