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Grow Island

Grow Island

Introduction and rules

Grow island is 2D online game which you can play on your browser. It is not your regular game. You are not getting action here. But, if you love strategy games and puzzles, then this might be the right pick for you. The game might seem little boring at first. Because what you get is island surrounded by water and random panels. But, as we already said, if you are into puzzle games then you will not be disappointed. There are eight panels in this game and clicking in the right order of this panels is the main mechanic of it. As you click on the panels certain actions start to occur on the island. They may lead ever to volcano explosion or ever to advancing to the newer technologies. You must click the panels in right order, otherwise you pretty much will end up being dead.


As we already said there are 8 panels in this game, there is:

  • Electrical Engineering panel.
  • Computer Science panel.
  • Civil Engineering panel.
  • Applied Chemistry panel.
  • Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering panel.
  • Architecture panel.
  • Environmental panel.
  • Mechanical Engineering panel.

As we already said, each of these panels start certain actions on the island. You are able to view description of each panel just by simply hovering over with your mouse.

How to play Grow Island?

Game controls here are very simple, you will have to use your mouse buttons to click on items.

Tips and Tricks:

Well this game is all about figuring out which mechanics of clicking panels will work. So, if you are a puzzle guy and want to beat it yourself then please leave. But, if you are stuck and want the easy way, we can help you with that. First click on Mechanical Engineering, then Civil Engineering, then go to Architecture, after that to Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering, then to Environmental panel, advance to Electrical Engineering panel, then to Computer Science panel and lastly use Applied Chemistry panel. That’s it, congratulations! Well there are also some different endings in this game and to get them you just really have to experiment with panels on your own.