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Grow Cube

Grow Cube

Introduction and rules

Grow Cube is another game from Grow series and it’s really awesome! You remember that Grow Island game? Well this game is really similar to that. Except you are not on island here as you already may have guessed. You are on Cube. Yes, big brown cube! Well for those who are not familiar with Grow Cube and other Grow games, let me help you out. Imagine something like strategy game meets puzzle game meets brain game. Sounds complicated right? Well because it is! Grow Cube is not real time strategy or something like that, but you have to sit and analyze every movement. Because every click has its consequences and if you choose wrong option you are dead. Well not dead but you won’t win this game. Just like in strategy games. Bad choices make you lose the battle or the game.


Game design is primitive though. You just have some 3D cube and some things will appear after you click certain icons. But, do not be fooled by that. I mean there are many games which have simple design Tetris for example, but is it, simple game? I guess no. same for our Grow Cube. As we already said, this game needs you to think. Of course, you might get lucky but, in the end if you do not think you will fail.

Game modes

Single-Player is the mode here. What? You expected something magical to happen? Sorry, bro. it’s classic Single-Player here.

How to play Grow Cube?

Game controls:  Mouse player do you have it? Well you are all good then. You need nothing more than mouse. 

Tips and Tricks:

So, you are stuck and can’t complete Grow Cube huh? You need some tips from wise elder man? Well my friend here is some for you:

  • First of all, select man icon or women if you are offended by that term.
  • After that you need to click on water icon.
  • Water is good but, what it is good for? You are right! Plant! Click on plant!
  • Plant can grow by its own, but how do we grow it most of time? We use pot! Click on pot!
  • All right now we will need to click on Glass Tube. Do not ask why, it works like that.
  • You know what people also like? We like fire! Of course, not get burned by fire but warm fire, click fire!
  • Well we are made from bones, so go ahead and choose the bone!
  • We will need to choose Spring icon after this, I know it sounds weird but hey.
  • Now click on the last remaining icon, it might be Spring or Ball, depends what you clicked on previous stage. It works both ways.
  • Hurray! You are the boss now!
  • S. there are some secret endings too, so play around with different options.