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Give up

Give up

Introduction and rules

Give Up Unblocked is the Unblocked version of Give Up game series and is available to play online! Finally, that awesome 2D platformer is available for playing at school and at work. I heard some guys are able to play at library’s too. But I have not checked, so can’t argue on that. Time to give the idea about this game to newcomers. All right, listen, this is a 2D platformer game. To give you better idea I will say imagine Mario game, it is 2D platformer, yes. Give Up Unblocked although is not similar to Mario. It is more brutal take of Mario and also you are not playing as Mario here. You are playing as stickman that’s what this game is about.


Diving deeper. You do play as stickman, but you know what? I have a guess that you are locked in some kind of a Jiggsaw puzzle man! I am not kidding! This game is brutal man! It makes you want to give up! And yes, you can say that name fits this game like for 100%. Even the first level will make you want to give up and you will have that option by clicking that big blue Give Up icon. But if you are fan of games like Dark Souls, go ahead. This game is really specially made for you.

Game modes

Single-Player is the only available mode. But I guess you would not be bothered by that. Because you are not going to beat that Single-Player mode either. I mean, seriously. Good luck, with beating that mode in first place.

How to play Give Up Unblocked?

  • Use Right Arrow Key or D Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key or A Key for moving left.
  • Use W Key or Up Arrow Key to jump. 

Tips and Tricks:

Adventurer looking for some tips? Well I can understand you. This game is really hard to beat and everyone needs help with it. Best way of course would be to give up, but I guess you just don’t want to. Well you know what’s the fun thing? There are not many things to help you with. But still here are some.

  • First and obvious tip is to practice! This game is all about mastering your skills and without practice you will not be able to do that. Practice till you get comfy with controls.
  • Observe! Different levels have different obstacles. By observing, you will be able to find out how they move and make strategy to beat the level.
  • Take it slow but not always! Everyone would normally recommend to take it slow in this game, but sometimes running as hell is better in this game.