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Give Up Robot

Give Up Robot

Introduction and rules

Give Up Robot Unblocked is the unblocked version of Give Up game series and is available on our website! You can play previous games Give Up and Give Up 2 on our website! Give up Robot is slightly different from previous part. But it is unblocked so don’t worry, you can still play it anywhere you want. Let’s start with the new guys. I will cover changes for fans later. So, you want to hear the story huh? In the roboland far, far away lived one little robot. One day robot decided to go on the adventure. Little did it knew in what madness it was going to be involved. Now it has to survive against crazy obstacles with its mathematical mind and grapple hand! To compare this game to others, you can say that it is 2D platformer. Best option will be to go and play previous parts.


Now let’s get to our fans. So, as you guys already may have figured it out, you are playing here as robot. It’s not the bad thing though. Robots are smarter than humans so, you have better chance to get through 50 levels without pressing Give Up button! Also, we have new level designs, new sound design and new mechanics. You will also face new exiting challenges! Don’t worry, this game also has a lot of fun to offer.

Game modes

Single-Player is life man! Of course, we have it! But we still have two modes in this awesome game. First you have to play through Normal Mode. After that you can access Hard Mode! I know what you are thinking. Who in the hell want’s to play Hard Mode when game is already hard enough! But you know what? There are some crazy dudes who crave to be punished man.

How to play Give Up Robot Unblocked?

  • Use Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key for moving left.
  • Use Up Arrow Key, X Key or S Key to jump.
  • Click Up Arrow Key twice to jump higher.
  • Use A Key or Z Key to hang.
  • Click Give Up button to give up! 

Tips and Tricks:

Zero, one, one, zero. Public class Main {public static void main (String [] args) {System.out.printIn(“Hello, Robot!”);}}. All right, enough of joking around. You are here for tips and we want to give you tips. But thing is that you should not be looking for tips. You are robot! Why are you looking for tips? Calm down! No need to use your mathematical algorithm on me. Here are some tips.

  • Calculate! Heh, I had to say that. No really, calculate your moves. When you jump and swing it’s easy to fall off. Calculate before you do jump and you will not end with your robot ass on ground.
  • We said it in instructions but we will repeat it again. Jumping higher helps you to overcome some obstacles. But some obstacles will need you to swing on things too!