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Give up 2

Give up 2

Introduction and rules

Give Up 2 Unblocked is the Unblocked version of Give Up game series and is available to play online! That torture game is back with second part man! I don’t know how people can be so sadistic with themselves. But apparently, there are guys who enjoyed the first part. So hey, good news! Give Up 2 Unblocked is here! And yes, you can play it anywhere you want. Newcomers? Really? To second part of this game? I mean come on kids, don’t play this game. it’s too hard for you. And if you still want to challenge yourselves go and play first part. It is available on our website. If you in some magical way will manage to beat the first part, then come back to this one.


Times change. So does this game. First of all, we have graphic upgrade. Our stickman looks sick! In a good way though. Also, we have new levels, new enemies and new sound design too! And of course, we have even bigger Give Up button in this one. It just sits there and tempts you to click on it. Difficulty? I will not talk about that. You know why? Because I will let you judge by yourself. First part of this game was already difficult, but for me second part is just ridiculous!

Game modes

Nope. No changes. Goodbye! Single-Player stays as the only available mode for this game. But again man. We said it before, we are going to say that again. If you somehow managed to beat the first game, good luck on beating this one.

How to play Give Up 2 Unblocked?

  • Use Right Arrow Key or D Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key or A Key for moving left.
  • Use W Key or Up Arrow Key to jump. 

Tips and Tricks:

Blue stickman needs some help? Funny thing is that I am not even amazed. You know why? Because I need help with this game too! It really is hard to beat! I will try to give some tips, but can’t guarantee that you will be able to beat the game by using them. Of Course, it will help you, but beating this game is another level man.

  • First of all, master your jump! Timing of your jump is crucial man. Jump before the time and you fail. Jump after the needed time and you will fail again. So, choosing best time for jump is crucial.
  • Running phase is important too! You have to alter from slow to fast running with changes of environment. In some places it is better to slow down and observe, but sometimes you need to run!