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Get on top

Get on top

Introduction and rules

Get on Top Unblocked is the unblocked version of Get on Top game and is available to play online! Hurray! Cheer up! All right, I know there is no hype about this game. I really did not expect any hype around it to be honest. But, its still a game and is even funnier to play than you might think. I really doubt that there are any fans of this game so I will go straight to explaining it. Well, first of all I want to say that, this is a stickman game. Yes, that good old stickman. And also, it’s wrestling game. Well, yes, you can’t satisfy your WWE dreams with this game, but hey. This is simple flash game and does its job of entertaining very well. To give the best picture about this game, I will say that it is stickman wrestling game.


Game itself is in 2D platform and has simple graphics and physics. But we have not revealed the main goal and feature of this game what makes it fun. You get to wrestle against your friend man! Or your brother or sister or who ether you want! You got the point. It’s two player game and that’s what makes this game fun.

Game modes

Well, this might be the only game where we do not have Single-Player. Yes, this game is made to play with your friend and has Two-Player mode. But it is not the bad thing, all right? Playing with your friend is fun most times and this time you can do it too.

How to play Get on Top Unblocked?

Well my wrestling friends, here is how you do it for both of you!

Player 1

  • Use D Key to move right.
  • Click A Key for moving left.
  • Use W Key to jump.

Player 2

  • Use Left Arrow key to move right.
  • Click Right Arrow key for moving left.
  • Use Up Arrow key to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello fighter! Looking for some tips on how to beat your friend? Well I mean that is not the best thing to do in real life, but it is a game so it’s fine.

  • Balance man! There are no real other tips then this. You must already have noticed that learning how to balance is the key thing to win in this game. And what do you need in order to learn how to balance?
  • Practice! Without it you won’t be able to master the balance and beat your enemy. So here you go.