Galaga Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Introduction and rules

Galaga Unblocked is the unblocked version of Galaga game and is available to play online! I can already hear retro gamers screaming. Calm down, this game is not going anywhere. Yes, you can play it on our website and yes you can play it at work to pass the time. What a pleasant surprise, right? Well we are trying our best. Hey, listen kids. I know you are checking this out too. And you are thinking what this fuzz is about. Sit down, have hot milk and listen. There was a time, when PC gaming was not a thing. I mean it was a thing, but it was not as popular as it is today. Back in 80’s people liked to have party at arcade gaming places. And that’s where our Galaga Unblocked shined! With it’s unique and beautiful art design, it was one of the first space shooter games.


Yes, this game is really old. But old gamers know how fun this game was. I mean it was one of the best arcade games for the reason. And people still love to play this game! This game is standing next to such legends as Pac-Man and Donkey-Kong. Yes, it is 80’s arcade game. And of course, it does not have mind blowing graphics. But people are not playing this game for that. Beauty of this game is its gameplay which is really addictive and also challenging. It’s arcade shooter game man. Come on, who does not love that games?

Game modes

Well my friends, Single-Player is only way. I mean, come on guys. It’s game from 80’s. What did you expected it to be? MMORPG? Beauty of this game is its unique gameplay so go and enjoy that.

How to play Galaga Unblocked?

  • Use Left Arrow key to move right.
  • Click Right Arrow key for moving left.
  • Use Space Bar to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

Space adventurer! You are finally here! Beating the ass of that aliens is not that easy, right? Well nobody expected it to be easy. Do not worry! We are not going to let you down! Here are some tips which are going to help you with your adventure!

  • Enemy formations are important! You should take advantage of early levels and clear as many enemies as possible!
  • Shooting is no game here! We mean that, you might accidently shoot last enemy in formation and new army will appear. And trust me, you don’t wont that to happen before you clear the enemies.
  • There are some spots where enemies like to gather and are easy to take out. Figuring out where this spots in each level are will help you a lot.
  • Dodging is also important. Enemies will try to corner you. No prevent that, try to stay in middle.