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G switch 2 unblocked

G switch 2 unblocked

Introduction and rules

G-Switch 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of G-Switch game series and is available to play online! School is over man! No, better to say that being bored at school is over! Jump on this game man and the time will pass really soon! It’s better to try it by yourself! Fans of series, I know you are hyped and happy! Well, we did our best to bring you unblocked version of your beloved game. Newcomers! We got some story to tell for you! You know why you should try this game? Because it’s fun and awesome! Think of this game as 2D platform racing game. But instead of racing with cars, you are racing against other humans in simulated tracks. Yeah, kind like in a Tron movie, but not exactly that. To summarize It briefly, it is a 2D platform running game.


Let’s go from brief summarize to a deeper look. Well, first of all this game is different from others with its environment. It’s not your usual running game. Tracks in this game are really well designed. Also, graphics man. You will be surprised how good graphics of this flash game are. And also, you are defeating gravity in this game! So, I guess if you are tech and sci-fi nerd, you will love to try this game! and last but not least, soundtrack! I mean come on man! Just listen to that beats! It makes this game even more awesome!

Game modes

Oh, this game lot to offer you my friend! We got our classic Single-Player mode, we have Endless Mode and Multiplayer! Single-Player mode offers you classic story mode, where you beat certain levels and game ends. In Endless Mode you guessed it! Game never ends! And in Multiplayer mode, you are available to play with your 7 friends! Only thing is that, you can do it on your local computer only. But hey! Playing together is always fun!

How to play G-Switch 2 Unblocked?

You expected that controls would by crazy because you can play with seven friends, right? Well actually, it is not that hard.

  • Use C Key for Player 1 to change gravity.
  • Click M Key for Player 2 to change gravity.
  • Use Ctrl Key for Player 3 to change gravity.
  • Click Right Arrow Key for Player 4 to change gravity.
  • Use A Key for Player 5 to change gravity.
  • Click Numpad 3 Key for Player 6 to change gravity.
  • Use B Key for Player 7 to change gravity.
  • Click Left Mouse Click for Player 8 to change gravity.

Tips and Tricks:

What you looking at smart ass? You thought you are so smart you are not going to need tips for this game huh? Well, well. Think again. Ok, I am joking. This game is not that hard, but still, everyone in this life needs tips. Here they are:

  • Do not plan on buying coffin just because you hit something. It’s not going to kill you.
  • Even if magic happens and you fall off, hit that reload button and you will be ready to rock again!
  • There are points on the track which will speed you up. But’ there are also point which will slow your down. So, keep an eye on that. And also, if you are in Endless Mode, points on the track are going to be randomly generated.