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Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex

Introduction and rules

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is the unblocked version of Fleeing the Complex game series and is available to play online! Yes, you heard that right. This game has previous parts and it is called Infiltrating the Airship. If you are fan of Henry Stickmin series here is the good news for you! New part is available to play on our website! You can play it anywhere you want and how much you want! If you are not fan of this series and want to give this game a shot, I will give you the idea. Think about games like the Stanley Parable, Dearth Esther and Antichamber. You got the idea. Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is similar to that games.


If you want the deeper view of this game, I will continue here. It is the click and point game. Yes, it is that simple. But as you know, when game has simple controls, it does not have simple puzzles. That’s true for this game too. It is not super hard, but it’s guaranteed that you will have some challenge.

Game modes

Single-Player Mode is the only way man. Many click and point games have only this mode. This game is no exception. And like the other games this game does not turn bad because of that.

How to play Fleeing the Complex Unblocked?

Game controls: in order to play this game, you will only need the Mouse.

Tips and Tricks:

No! we are not going to help with this one man! it’s brain game! Use your brain! Why are you looking for tips? Go and figure it out on yourself! Oh, no need to pull the gun out. I was just joking, heh! Of course, we got some tips. Put that gun down and let me tell them to you:

  • So, my kind sir. I would advice you to try different options. I truly believe that that’s the only way to play this game. trust me sir. If I knew any tricks on how to cheat this game, I would be happy to tell you. But thing is that, there are no tricks. Try different options man and you will make your way through this game.