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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Introduction and rules

Flappy Bird Unblocked is the unblocked version Flappy Bird game and is available to play online anywhere you want! Yes, you heard that right. That legendary Flappy Bird game is back baby with unblocked version. What’s so special about it you might ask. Well, to be honest not much. It’s still the same game but you can play it at school and at work. Libraries are on the available places too. So, here is that. Other than that, nothing really has changed. It is still your beloved original game. What? Are you saying that you have not heard about this game? How dare you? Have you been living in cave or something? Come on man. You don’t know about this hit game which made millions of people brake their phones? And other million to rip apart their monitors? All right, still don’t believe you but I will explain.


So, game seems really simple at first look. You are bird and your goal, is to fly through pipes without hitting them. BOO! LAME! I know, I know. But oh boy, have you been mistaken. No seriously dude. If you do not have nerves of steel, do not play this game! It is hard as hell to beat! Why do you think millions of people broke their phones playing this game? Because it is so hard that you will get mad. Imagine finally making some progress and dying immediately afterwards. It already makes you mad to hear that right? Now imagine that to happen when you are actually playing. That’s how this game works. Nevertheless, this game got so huge and popular that, if you search internets you will get thousands of rip-offs of this game. Yes, it is that huge.

Game modes

We have only Single-Player Mode available, but stop. The game is already hard enough, do you really want other bird interrupting you? I guess not.

How to play Flappy Bird Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Mouse or Space Bar to control the bird.
  • Click P Key to pause.

Tips and Tricks:

Well, you would expect that game this hard must have some tips. Well you are right. Here they are:

  • Play, play and play. You know that phrase – “Practice makes perfect”? well it works here too.
  • Try new things. I mean try when you tap, how you tap, how much you tap. If you keep same pattern you won’t be able to progress.
  • Focus! This game is really hard and it will get even harder if you are not focused on beating the game.
  • Meditate! Or do other things what helps you to stay calm. This game really plays on your nerves and outbreaks are the last thing what you want.
  • Let the bird go down. Yes, sometimes falling will help you to go through pipes.

Tap slowly. You will notice that tapping all the time is not how this game works. So tap slowly and only when it’s needed