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Electric Man

Electric Man

Introduction and rules

Electric Man Unblocked is the unblocked version of electric man game series and is available to play online! I know that there is no hype built up around this game. So, going to explanation will be the good idea. Well first of all let’s say that this is a stickman game. Let’s be honest, who does not love stickman games here? Playing with that stick figures is always fun. This time though it’s more like brawl game man. Some compare it to Super Smash Bros, but not me. I know it is going to sound crazy but this game is really like PUBG and Fortnite. But in 2D of course. Well, you are not jumping with parachute and donating tons of money to get the best air support loot, but you have to survive! To summarize it, I will say that its last man standing game.


Let’s have a deeper look here. As we said its stickman game and it’s in 2D. Your goal here is to beat up all your opponents without dying. And you have different options for that. You have awesome fighting skills. Your stickman has normal moves and slow-motion moves. Slow-motion is where real fun begins! But bad thing about slow-motion is that it leaves you without energy very fast. So, you have to be careful and plan when you really need to use them. Good thing though is that your energy is going to recover by itself, but it needs some time.

Game modes

Well, well, well. Back to Single-Player and Single Mode my man. Not every can be diverse so that’s okay. I mean come on guys Skyrim is Single-Player but is anyone going to complain because of that? Guess not.

How to play Electric Man Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Right Arrow Key to run right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key to run left.
  • Use Down Arrow Key to dodge.
  • Click D Key for grab moves.
  • Use S Key for kick moves.
  • Click A Key for punch moves.
  • Use E Key for slow motion grab move.
  • Click W Key for slow motion kick move.
  • Use Q Key for slow motion punch move.

Tips and Tricks:

I guess stick man like you is down here because want to see some tips. Well do not worry friend. We have some for you.

  • Sometimes simple things flew from our mind. Players forget to look at life and battery meters.
  • Don’t skip the tutorial my man! It is always better to start with tutorial. It will let you master the controls and get comfortable with game.
  • Don’t use slow motion moves too often! Your battery will drop faster then my grades at university. Instead use kicks. Using them will force your opponents to go back. It is good for you because you will have enough time to recharge your energy and to awesome punches again.