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Dude and Zombies

Dude and Zombies

Introduction and rules

Dude and zombies unblocked is the unblocked version of Dude and zombies, game and is available to play online! Now I don’t know have you or haven’t you heard about this game but I know one thing for sure. I have heard and played this game and I have only one word to describe it. Awesome! This zombie game is really unique in a way and really awesome! And yes, it is unblocked so you can play it anywhere you want. you can play it at school, at work and at library too. Noobs I am sorry for this time. This game is really unique and I have nothing to compare it with. But you can check other awesome zombie games like Zombotron 2 and Zombocalypse 2 on our website.


As I already said this game is really unique. Well we do have army of the dead here. and you do face and kill them. But your main goal is not to go around and kill them, your goal is to fix the car! And in order to do that you have to defend yourself against the army of dead! You will also have shop and skills in this game. in shop you will be able to buy some guns. and in skill tree you will be able to get some new awesome skills in order to kick some zombie ass.

Game modes

Dude and Zombies Unblocked is the single-player game bros. yeah, sorry but if you want to play two-player games, we got them too. But this is not the game like that and no, it does not have the multiplayer too. What we do have is interesting single-player campaign mode. So, please enjoy.

How to play Dude and Zombies Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • W key or Upper Arrow key – in order to move up/jump
  • S key or Down Arrow key – in order to start assembling or repairing the car
  • D key or Right arrow key – in order to move right
  • A key or Left arrow key – in order to move left
  • R key or Shift Key – in order to reload the weapon
  • Left Mouse Click key – in order to fire the weapon
  • F key – in order to open or close the shop

Tips and Tricks:

Hey dude! Your car broke down? In a place like that? really mate? now that is really bad place for your car to break down. Come on man! look around! Do you see flowers and Disney princess around here? guess not. Well that’s because you are stuck with zombie’s dude! Do not worry though. We are here to help! Our awesome tips will help you to fight the army of the dead! I mean you need to fix your car, but while doing that you also need to kill that zombie’s man! all right, here are the tips:

  • First of all, do not wait for zombies to come. I mean in some situations it is better to be near to car, but in first levels go around and explore the world.
  • Second, use the shop! You will be able to buy new and awesome guns! Including heavy machine gun!