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Duck Life

Duck Life

Introduction and rules

Duck Life Unblocked is the unblocked version of Duck Life game series and is available to play online! I guess no one is hyped about this. I mean, I understand. Why should anyone be hyped about duck game, right? it’s not like Avengers: Endgame just got released or something like that. I know, I know. But you know what? We still are going to talk about this game! I mean if there are any fans of this game, hey! Good news for you guys! But I guess there are not as many. Back to the point. I’m just trying to explain this game and you know what comes first on my mind? Pokemon! Sounds ridiculous, right? Let me explain. In Pokemon you train your pet, in Duck Life Unblocked you train your pet. Your pet faces challenges in Pokemon, same applies for Duck Life Unblocked.


Yes, it is not Pokemon. I mean, you don’t have Pikachu, Charizard and other awesome poke pets here. You got duck. But still man, you have to train your duck! Ok, I will tell you brief story of this game. You had farm, it got destroyed and this duck survived. Now you have to train duck, win races to get money and build farm again! Yes, you are going to make your farm great again! Just like Donald Trump! I know this game does not sound like it’s going to be fun, but trust me it is.

Game modes

Single-Player is only mode here. But you know what? One can really argue that difficulty levels can be modes in this game too. I mean try to play expert level and you will get what I am talking about. Playing at that level opens a whole new experience. Try by yourself and you will see it.

How to play Duck Life Unblocked?

There are different things your duck is going to do, so there are different controls:

  • Use Up Arrow Key to jump while running.
  • Click Left and Right arrow keys to balance while flying.
  • Use Up Arrow key to jump and Down Arrow key to dive while swimming.

Tips and Tricks:

Stop! I’m going to wet my pets from laughing. Duck trainer needs tips? Hah! Never expected to see that happen! Life is really an adventure. You never know what crazy stuff is awaiting you in the future. All, right, all right. It is a game after all and of course we got tips even for Duck trainers!

  • Do you want your duck to burn? I guess no. To not make that happen do not fly low in expert modes. I am not kidding, there is a lava down there and you will get your duck grilled in a no time.
  • Training is the key here. But training smart is even more important. As you can see there are different types of races here, so different types of training, fit different types of races.